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rejection thread (part 1)

so yeah, they say every writer must weather much rejection. i find this to be true. of course, the truth of this statement does not make it easy to weather said rejection.

so since i don't have any poetry publications to talk about, i thought i'd talk about some of the rejections i have received.

my poems: it's like as if my cat had a bunch of kittens. i can't keep all of them to myself, but i love them, so i want very much to find good homes for them.

apparently, these have not been good homes for my poems:

Calabash Journal of Caribbean Arts and Letters
ep;phany zine
Tribes Magazine
Mosaic Literary Magazine*
Cave Canem Summer Poetry Fellowship

i've still got several pieces out there. if you know of any places that might be good homes for my poems, i'd love to know about them.

o, and this list does not reflect all of the mfa programs i have applied to...but my thoughts on the mfa is stuff for another post. by the way, this rejection thread will be a running thread.

*though they have rejected me, their rejection messages were rather gently and nicely worded.

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

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