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now reading...

sonia sanchez once said, courtenay, you need to read more poetry.

i'm currently reading some of caribbean poets, kamau brathwaite's the arrivants and aime cesaire's collected poems. depending on how ambitious i feel, i might pull out derek walcott's omeros. but i have to be feeling really ambitious, omeros is a tome and a half. and i'd like to get my hands a book of martin carter....so finding one of those might be a good project.


If you are getting to know kamau brathwaite's work, you might enjoy this video of him reading from his latest work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbHQAK2J7NA

thanks for the link! very good look. brathwaite is brilliant, i have the arrivants, but i'll have to pick up born to slow horses.

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