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2 of today's moments

(1a) went to macy's after work today. i was wandering around the juniors department, debating whether i would feel comfortable supporting jennifer lopez by buying a dress from her j.lo line (i actually, very much to my surprise, liked it) when...a fuzzy gray MOUSE scurried out of nowhere right in front of my path. it ran around the racks for a while, and nearly over a woman's foot. i shrieked. another woman shrieked as well, then calmly went about her shopping.

(1b) i know nyc is disgusting with the vermin, but that was one bold mouse...it's not like macy's is empty of human beings early on a weekday evening....

(2a) i was standing on the platform in the subway, reading my book*, waiting for the train home. then someone tapped me on the shoulder. it was a man i did not know. he wordlessly handed me a small note and walked away. i expected it to be a random phone number that i had no interest in calling. i read the note as the train approached. it said:

"I have to tell you without interrupting your day that I love your style (great shoes)! God Bless!"

(2b) that was not what i was expecting to find on the note.

*in case you wanted to know, the book i am currently reading is barchester towers. i don't usually enjoy anything that was written before the 20th ceetury, but i had read half of it for my crticial reading, critical writing (intro. to the english major) class, and i found that it was actually highly entertaining. funny even. but i would def. welcome suggestions for something new(er) to read.

wow gold opportunity!

hey ms. aja!! well you've been here for awhile it seems but welcome to the blog world.

ha...well, more like i was wasting space here for a while, but now i'm determined to be productive ;-)

A mouse at Macy's? Had you seen two more, perhaps the experience could have been thrice as nice? Love the pic. Very reminiscent of Little C.

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