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the black donnellys

i was walking down the street today, and i saw a bunch of bright pink flyers posted...well, just about everywhere. so i stopped to read them, and the flyers announced that nbc will be filming a for new primetime tv show on my block called "the black donnellys," to be written and directed by paul haggis and bobby moresco, otherwise known as the team behind (the pheonomenal film) "crash."

a little googling allowed me to find the tagline for the show: "They're good at heart, but mean on the streets." apparently, it's about 4 irish brothers who get involved in organized crime. now really, when i saw the name of the show (black donnellys) and thought about where it's going to be filming (bed-stuy)...i must admit 4 irish brothers is not at all what i was expecting. i suppose i engaged in a bit of racial profiling.

anyway, they will be filming on tuesday, september 11, from 6am to 4pm. and, clearly, i'm not irish, or involved in organized crime, so what i'm really wondering is what a black courtenay needs to do to get a walk on. seriously. i don't need any lines or anything.

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