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museum musing: graffiti slavery fashion

a couple of exhibits are currently running in nyc that i'm dying to check out.

graffiti @ the brooklyn museum
all about, well you guessed it, graffiti, which may be the only actually illegal of of the four elements of hip hop* but, if this exhibition at a major institution is an indication, not the most transgressive/subversive. exhibition runs through september 3rd, i'm tryin to check it out this weekend.

legacies: contemporary artists reflect on slavery @ the new york historical society
until january 7, 2007
follow up to the much touted slavery in new york exhibition. to quote one person's thoughts on slavery in new york, that exhibition was a little too positive, meaning that it glossed over some of the true degradations of slavery that we should be learning from, but overall it was very interesting. i'm looking forward to seeing some of these contemp. responses from artists like faith ringgold, bettye saar, maria magdelena campos-pons, carrie mae weems, barbara chase-riboud, and kara walker. ok, i realize i don't mention any of the male artists involved, but i'm really more familiar with the female artists...that presents an interesting problem, but moving right along....

black style now @ the museum of the city of new york
september 9, 2006-february 19, 2007
all about black style, from street to haute couture, especially in nyc. zoot suits, bling, diahann carroll, kangols, all of my favorite things...

*the four elements: DJing, MCing, breaking, and graffiti. no i don't find it to be limiting to say hip hop has 4 elements, chemistry has a certain number of elements and many many combinations of them to form, pretty much, everything we know.

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