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recent "newsworthy" nonsense

and the quest to vilify continues. not that i'm trying to make an intellectual's argument here, but the idea of the other is so ingrained in humanity, that it seems to make sense to vilify. of course, the other is just an individual who, much like the self, is trying to feed and protect his or her family, enjoy some good things in life, and most of all live, breathe, feel.

the media, and its love of types and archetypes, helps in this quest. either this argument makes sense, or i have read too many books, have learned too much literary theory. overall, the newsworthiness of race to vilify incredibly underwhelming to me. still, my 2 cents, before i retire the issues:

the catholic church vs. the islamic community vs. the catholic church vs. the islamic community:
...i would just say that no one has a monopoly on the markets for intolerance or injustice. far too often, that marketplace is overcrowded. does one side not remember some prophet saying something about casting the first stone...does the other side not remember something about all the people of the book? if not, how bout trying to remember together?

bush vs. chavez vs. bush vs. ahmednejad vs. olmert vs. siniora vs. blair...
...actually, this is a game i'd like to call "[insert name of political leader here] vs the rest of the world, cuz obviously the rest of the world is out to get him." isn't it funny how interchangeable the names? anyone else notice a touch of the megalomania about most world political leaders? chavez can call bush a devil and bush can go on and on about his mandate to rid the world of evildoers, and everyone can claim that god is on their side, unless of course they do not believe in god, then they can claim that history will absolve them. yes a touch of the megalomania, and its not helping people live more just lives. i don't believe that most political leaders are malicious, i believe that they are out of touch with how their ideals play out in reality. on the people. i will also here repeat that no one has a monopoly on the markets for intolerance or injustice. far too often, that marketplace is overcrowded.

and i do not pretend to be an expert on world affairs. i am not. o, and just cuz i don't particularly care for politics, well, it doesn't mean i'm apathetic. but i believe more in the power of individuals to touch lives and change lives and change the world about them and their perception of it than i believe in the power of talking heads to alleviate international problems. by bickering, squabbling, clashing, and shooting guns. and slinging mud, even if you hit your target dead on, makes your hands dirty. a bit of responsibility might move me; throwing around culpability does not.

but talking heads will talk, and that is why i am incredibly underwhelmed by the newsworthiness of their talkin. it's not like anything here is new.

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