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open letter from the prez of iran...

to the american people. not the american prez, apparently ahmadinejad has already written to the american prez, an 18-page letter, but bushy never responded.

msnbc is running a poll, asking if folks are interested in what ahmadinejad has to say.

i find the very idea of this poll to be absurd. who wouldn't be interested in what he has to say? the no option states: "his past comments have been too offensive -- and potentially dangerous."

to not find out what he has to say, to choose to remain ignorant, is more dangerous...because no one can pretend that what happens and gets said in the middle east has nothing to do with us in our american homes. not anymore. not after september 11th, and not after losing friends and family in various wars, not after reports of wars. you can assign all these events whatever meaning you want, but it's meaningless.

you can read his letter and agree, or read it and disagree...

but if you never ever read it, then you have to rely on other folks to make up your mind for you. now who wants to let someone else think for them?

exercise your freedom here.

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I love your blog! You have such a great voice and perspective! Keep the entries coming!

aka The Little Black Girl That Could

thank you, julee! i keep working at it :)


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