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the netflix rundown

haven't done one of these in a while, so i thought i'd write about the recent netflix activity. netflix is truly a miracle in my life. honestly. without netflix, the only moving images i'd ever see would be good morning america, law & order, america's next top model, project runway, and grey's anatomy. i'm about to divorce myself from desperate housewives, but that's neither here nor there, cuz i have netflix to diversify my viewing experiences.

ok, so i just sent back guess who. first, i will remark that i really like that the title does not include a question mark. second, i will say that i remember this movie being dismissed by critics as neither good nor bad. but i really liked it. the storyline was more than plausible. the actors were convincing, at least to me. ashton kutcher and zoe saldana made a nice on-screen couple. funny, but not too slapstick. not too over the top with the moralizing, but it clearly had a point. it may not make any best ever lists, but i'd recommend it to just about anyone.

i have in my possession favela rising. i have been dying to see this film, a documentary about a drug dealer turned community activist in rio de janeiro. since my very young days, i've had a deep and abiding fascination with brazil, this big country that is obviously quite flawed and yet still ridiculously beautiful. this film documents the rise of the afro reggae movement in rio, and to me, one of the most interesting aspects of the african diaspora is the way in which its cultural features are so easily adopted across the diaspora, despite language and economic barriers. will let you know what i think of it.

i still have crooklyn, and i've had it for a while now. don't plan on sending it back for a least a while longer. classic, classic film - i remember really identifying with troy, the little girl in the film. obviously, this was before i was aware of such a possibility as identifying with a fictional character. certainly, at the age when i first saw the movie, i couldn't know that in a few years i would be moving to the south, and that i would have the same type of cultural confusion as troy did when she visited the south in the movie. pure love for spike lee for this gem.

and a little look at the queue: i should be receiving paradise now sometime this week. paradise now was nominated for the best foreign language film oscar this year, and apparently it won the golden globe. it's about two palestinian young men who are preparing themselves for a suicide mission.

and i've moved city of men up to the top of my queue, now that it's been released on dvd and because of the deep and abiding fascination i have with brazil that i mentioned earlier. a mini series directed by fernando meirelles, the same gentleman who brought the world city of god and the constant gardener, both of which are top notch films that get better with each viewing. and after that, i have sylvia, because i find sylvia plath to be fascinating and brilliant.

ok. so if a theme is to be found in all of this, it would appear that i pick my movies because their topics are either (a) fascinating or (b) brilliant. to me. or maybe, i should work on finding some other adjectives to use...