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culture jamming, mos def style

found this on trace212.com

Piece of Mind: Mos Def arrested at VMA's

Though it resulted in his arrest for disorderly conduct, big ups to Mos Def for having the best performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. The rapper/activist pulled up in front of Radio City Music Hall on a flatbed truck and boldly unleashed his politically charged "Katrina Clap", a song that targets Bush and his poor response to the devastation left in New Orleans. Unplanned and without the official MTV stamp of approval, the show went on even when asked to stop by NYC authorities, all of which led the arrest of Mos Def and most of his entourage. The revolution was not televised as part of MTV's programming but Mos Def's people did catch the events on tape and are working on publishing it for all to see.

"katrina clap" is on the beat of juvenile's "nolia clap," which is ridiculously fitting. listen here:


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