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getting my mfa

in more or less a month, i will be entering brooklyn college to begin working on my mfa in poetry. i'm nervous about that. not because i think i can't handle it, but because i'm not sure how i can pay for it.

an mfa in poetry is not exactly a degree which pays for itself in a couple of years.

still, i want to get a masters in poetry because i think that, as a writer, i will benefit tremendously from the opportunity to read and workshop poetry intensively. i think it will be good for my writing career. and brooklyn college's program seems like it offers both a good grounding in both poetics and the writing craft.

so now i got to get ready: start buying books, etc. its gonna be tough to balance a fulltime job with a fulltime grad program. i guess my leisure reading time will be going out the window once again.

there are those who feel that training in creative writing bleeds the originality out of a writer. i don't believe that. there are those who believe that an mfa is a waste of money and time. lord, i hope not.

but mostly, i'm doing this because i want to.

so...anybody know of any good places to apply for scholarships? cuz a young black woman poet sure is broke...

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