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done gone and done it

yes sir, hip hop heads rejoice. after suffering much chastisement from her hip hop fiend friends for not yet being up on little brother, aja has gone and bought their second album, the minstrel show.

so, as an african american studies concentrater in college, minstrelsy has of late loomed large in my sphere. i am personally of the opinion that it continues to manifest itself in myriad ways in public life in america. o, the irony of biggie, a rapper, sending up this very point out in his own by saying, "either you slangin crack rock or you got a wicked jump shot." no blackface here, obviously, but the circumscription of the roles it is possible for one to play...and speaking of roles, there's always the contention that hollywood really has only one film formula it is permissible to employ black actors in...and how many times does omar epps have to play a character named q in a movie?

well anyway, how lovely that little brother has devoted a whole album to the phenomenon. now i get to be the hip hop head: folks, get up on it.

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