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final calendar flip of the year

i was a little late flipping to the last page of my calendar at work this month. but when i did it, i was quite happy with the image that stared at me. at the end of last year, i bought a bettye saar calendar to hang in my then-cubicle. (now the girl has her own office, complete with door, yay!) anyway, they clearly saved the best image for last in this calendar.

this is an image of the liberation of aunt jemima, arguably bettye saar's most well known piece. saar is a mixed media artist, who creates all kinds of assemblages most about issues facing women of color. this image is so colorful, so wonderfully subversive. or at the very least, wonderfully provocative. what do you think? i had forgotten that this was in the calendar, but it was a nice treat to rediscover it.

btw, i am having computer issues at home, which have affected (and continue to affect) the regularity of my posts.