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long time: film (and a lil music)

yup, it's been a while. so i thought i'd give you a quick rundown of what's been keeping me occupied, then run and go buy some pants to keep the legs warm. it's getting to be winter.

anyway, as far as movies, got the sea inside/mar adentro - gotta love the netflix. beautiful film, about a paraplegic man in spain who is fighting a legal battle for the right to end his life by means of assisted suicide. thought-provoking, to say the least, and great acting and cinematography.

i got capote on netflix, but it wouldn't play...so i sent it back and got a replacement, which also won't play...sent it back and got basquiat, which i very much enjoyed. didn't know that jeffrey wright was in that film, i am a fan (well, of wright and of basquiat's work). and if you don't know, jean-michel basquiat was a graf artist who became a darling of the art world and died of a heroin overdose just shy of 28 years of age. in 05, the brooklyn museum mounted a retrospective of his work. if mr. basquiat was anything like he is portrayed in the movie, then he was weird, but brilliant. watching the film about his life and death made me think of all the to-do over nas's new album hip hop is dead. not too sure why, though. i can't think of an artist at the moment who's celebrity quite matches mr. basquiat's - any suggestions? and maybe i can't quite think of a rapper who people believe has the ability to resuscitate hip hop quite like nas? (sorry jay-z, i know you're now billing yourself as the savior, but i'm not quite buying it. el presidente, ceo, king, emperor, whatever, but not savior.)

anyway, at home, i've got nuyorican dream, a documentary about the struggles of one puerto rican family in nyc. looking forward to seeing it.