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free music: talib kweli

becky my computer is back up and running, but my music is gone gone gone...i have a lot of it backed up, but until such time as i feel like pulling out the cd and putting on the computer, i am making myself content with the free talib kweli album i downloaded. yes. free.

mr. kweli has collaborated with madlib on an album that is available for download on his myspace page. go get it.

and i have to say, i understand that the music industry is corrupt, that they don't put a lot of money in the pockets of artists, but honestly, cd's are overpriced and one would go broke nickel by dime buying songs on itunes...so most folks who don't have a ton of disposable income are trynna to get their music for free. of course, it's important to support artists as well, but when artists, like talib, toss out a gratis thank you to the supporters it means a lot. i appreciate.


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