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reading these days

so i've been wondering what to read. i am open to suggestions. in fact, i crave them, so if you have any, please leave them.

currently, i'm reading the latest novella by gabriel garcia marquez, memories of my melancholy whores. the coworker leticia loaned it to me. i saw it sitting on her desk, and i thought it had a beautiful cover, but i couldn't read the title or the author from where i was standing. when she told me the author and the title my first reaction was: what a magnificent title. my second thought was, when did that come out? she offered to let me borrow it, and i jumped at the chance.

the cover art reminds me a lot of the cover of edward p. jones's latest book, all aunt hagar's children. see:

and see again:

similar color schemes, the random plant leaves, only difference is that one has a naked woman on it, and the other has a house. i guess this is a trend, a bit the way that the cover font from jonathan safran foer's books pops up in the hp comercials.

anyway, memories of my melancholy whores is about an old man who wants to spend the night with a young virgin on his 90th birthday. and he finds one, but he finds that living a life of lust has made him miss out on a life of love...and now he's trying to find that life of love. and he just might be falling in love with this girl...although they've never spoken and all he's ever done is watch her sleep...despite the title, despite the sound of the initial premise, lolita this is not; it's not a tale of sexual exploitation, it's a meditation on figuring out how to spend one's days. and the small things that can change one's outlook on life. i'm about halfway done, and i'm rather enjoying it. garcia marquez is, of course, a bit of a literary genius.