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i am a bad mother

o, my poor little blog, i know how terribly i have neglected you. if you were a real kid, i would certainly have been declared unfit by now. i still love you though.

i am currently in save money mode, so that means i haven't bought any music or books lately. well, except for my alice smith cd, for lovers, dreamers & me, which is brilliant, and btw, she is a brooklynite.

but that's it, and in life i'm trying to step my cd buying game. i don't really care about mp3's so much, i buy them sometimes but i don't have an mp3 player, plus i like cover art and linernotes, plus i like having a shiny little slice of the artist i can hold in my hands. but anyway, as i said before, i am in save money mode and i have not been buying much music. but these are the albums that are on my radar to buy when i should suddenly become flush with cash:

amy winehouse - she has a great name, and i like her sound. i got my hands on a free copy of ghostface killah's more fish album (which came out quietly (i think) last year after fishscale) and their duet, "you know i'm no good" is on there. very soulful, i like.

regina spektor - is there anyone who doesn't like that one song of hers? "fidelity?" if there is such a person...evidently, they have been defeaned by the brainless pop machine (of course, not all pop is brainless, but the brainless variety is quite defeaning).

k-os - supposed to be the truth. i don't know much about him, but i'm willing to give him a listen. i hear he's west indian- canadian from toronto, and we all love our west indian-canadians (that one's for my very lovely mother).

amel larrieux - where was i when her 3rd album was released? obviously, i was asleep, but i will need to get up on that.

nas - yes, yes, i know i'm late, yes, yes, yes, yes...

the hidden beach "unwrapped" series - heard one of the volumes (there are 4) one night at fashion 40. very lovely. jazz type covers of popular hip hop songs.

that's all i can think of at the moment. as for books, i'm finishing up reading for whom the bell tolls...long, i guess it's trying to illustrate one of it's main conceits, the idea of a full and entire life lived in a few days, cuz it surely does use 200 some odd pages to cover three days...i do, however, really appreciate hemingway's phrasing - his characters are mostly spanish-speakers, and though he writes mostly in english, his english syntax and diction imitates spanish as though it were a literal, word-for-word translation. for instance, a character asks, "did you divert yourself last night?" (from the spanish verb divertirse) for "did you have fun last night?" i think it's really great, and a good way for a writer to really inhabit a character.

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