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the namesake

i went to go see babel last night (really liked it, though it surprised me in one key way, more on that later) and i was really excited to learn...

...that the namesake jhumpa lahiri's really beautiful novel has been turned into a film, directed by none other than mira nair. i just think that's really great. the novel is about a young man, gogol ganguli, who is caught between cultures. born the son of bengali immigrants in new england, he is simultaneously the great american hope for his family and a crucial link in upholding tradition. i think there are a lot of people, from a lot of different cultures, who can relate to that situation. i recommend the novel, and ms. lahiri's other book, the pulitzer prize-winningthe interpreter of maladies, and i'm definitely planning on seeing the movie.

o yeah, ms. lahiri received the columbia university medal for excellence at commencement the year i graduated, 2005. just wanted to throw that out there. and you will probably recognize kal pen, the guy who plays gogol, from harold and kumar go to white castle...which i so did not think was a funny as everyone else did...and everyone else thought it was so funny that there is, in fact, going to be sequel...but i'm still gonna support him in the namesake.