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for the all the current/former ghetto kids out there: remember on hot summer days asking your parent/guardian/supervision-provider for permission to go down the street and get wet in so-and-so's front yard? or backyard, for that matter? and getting wet sometimes meant running through the yard sprinkler, or sometimes it meant so-and-so's parent/guardian/supervision- provider just sprayed you all with the water hose while you just ran around the yard in a bathing suit? remember how this is what cooled you off on summer days cuz you were not allowed to go to the swimming/wading pool in martin luther king park because it was, as your parent/guardian/supervision-provider said it was too dirty?

today, on the bus coming home, i saw a flyer advertising first friday at ovations, playing only the best hip hop, reggae, r&b, etc...first friday at ovations, friday, july 5th, 2002.

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