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flavor of love? i prefer public enemy

i am embarassed for this show's existence.
flavor flav used to say, fight the power.
flavor flav said, don't believe the hype.
flavor flav once said, 911 is a joke.
now ::sigh:: flavor flav is the joke.
what makes me frown more than the show's
existence is that those people, those kids,
who are only just now hearing about flavor flav,
and only have absolute shuckin, jivin, and minstrelsy
to associate him with, have no idea of what he used to
be about. you know, back in those public enemy days.

ok, flav always brought the levity to public enemy,
and i'm not tryin to say he was an
extra-righteous righteous revolutionary,
but even in that there was more than a hint of being serious
about life. not so with this television show.
i remember being a young one back when, as digable planets
once said, the kids were rockin clocks. and those
leather africa medallions. remember those? well, i'm not
going to berate flavor flav, or vh1/mtv/bet/viacom for
giving him a platform for this nonsense. i'm just gonna
refer to the aformentioned "911 is a joke."
the video was pretty funny (sam jackson's overacting
at it's finest) but if you've ever been in a less than desirable
neighborhood, and had to call the police for some reason or
other, and waited for 2 hours for them to show up*,
you'll understand what i mean when i say that flav
used to actually talk about stuff. fear of a black planet, it
takes a nation of millions to hold us back, he used
to have something to say.

*"i called 911 a long time ago/ dont you see how slow they reactin?" my good friend works at a summer day camp at a church in bk. a child, no older than 7 years old, got some chemical in her eye, and needed emergency care. they called 911...it took 30 minutes for someone to arrive.

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