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blind translation poems

these are my translations/interpretations of a couple of portuguese poems (i don't know any portuguese, that's why the translation is blind)

The Residues

Oh, at the beginning,
when we loved slowly,
the residue fell
upon us:

to exist
substance of happiness
where autumn is lost
the flower’s light dies:

it invades in a scurry
or pulses drop by drop
code broken:

when they tongue their teeth
alone at night
the sound of music comes
without water

Sometimes Between

Sometimes between shelter and autumn
close to the essence,
the male hibernates,
the silence has also finished heating.

If he wakes and listens to the night,
and makes a quick trip upstairs,
bad news for me.

I never was that strong, she said.
Said he, I never gave birth to anything
that died so young.
Like dry turf.

It looks like snow.

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