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difficulty with words

i am finding it difficult to take the word humankind seriously.

i am not a queen of pc. i really, honestly, just don't care to be pc. but humankind is supposed to be one of those pc words right? and really, i think it's beautiful because it implies humanity, which is supposed to be some sort of endearing and ephemeral and compelling quality that connects all folks, man and woman and child and of all races but really....

i read a lot. and when i read, i find that mankind has come up with all kinds of ways in which to hurt each other, to hurt mankindself. i'm saying mankind because man has demonstrated no humanity and woman has not deserved to be separated from the lot (sorry).

there's a war on between ethiopia and somalia. and very few people know about it cuz, well...maybe it's not sexy enough. won't sell enough papers. won't endanger the oil supplies, won't stop students from attending universities, won't stop diplomats from rhapsodizing on unity and lovely cultures. there's also, of course, a war on between lebanon and israel, though i honestly can't fathom why that one is sexy enough to sell newspapers when, in life, it's blood and gore. adn then...the usa is at war with everyone else it can think of save britain and canada. and why?

we have no sense of humanity, perhaps. we have no sense that other folks from other countries are also humans.

although, if one want's to get right down to it, mankind is a pretty awfully inept word as well, because man has lately been nothing kind...unless i'm missing something. and let's not get stated on civilization....

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