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and i have no real cooling device. it is hot in nyc. so hot that my poor computer, which already has a tendency to overheat, just shuts itself down all the time cuz it's hot, too.

anyway, got 3 new movies from netflix:

monsoon wedding
bee season
the squid and the whale

that's it for now. the computer generates too much heat, so i'm gonna shut it down soon.


If your fans are still rotating fast enough you probably need to redo your thermal paste, which is a big pain in the butt.

The way you check is starting up your PC. When you first see the black screen that tells you to Press (Whatever Key) to go to setup, you go into there. Usually its a monochromatic menu that reminds you of computers from back in the 1980's. Anyhow, there should be some menu that says something to the affect of "PC Health" or "PC Status" where it shows you how many degrees in celcius your processor is going.

If its going above 40 - 50 then you definitely need to redo it. If the numbers are red, that means its definitely overheating and the computer is restarting to save itself.

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