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bearing witness, part 1

i'm re-reading this book that i stole from the library when i was about ten...well, i think my mother eventually paid all the fines on the book, so i guess, technically, i bought it...but it's called bearing witness, edited by henry louis gates, jr.

what's funny is that i now work for the television station which helped produce his superstar documentary, african american lives. anyway, bearing witness is a collection of excerpts from black autobiography in the 20th century, ranging from fannie barrier williams to itabari njeri. yes, this is the kind of book i stole from the library when i was about ten.

since i only just started re-reading it today, i've only gotten up to the second excerpt by marita bonner. and i'm wondering why schools and study and academia don't make more of marita bonner? her style's so modern and so insightful even though the piece i'm reading is from 1925. I'm at work right now, so i won't blatantly pull out my copy of the book and so that i can post the quote i really want to write about, but i will do so this evening.

o yeah....and today i attend grad student orientation at bk college. i'm....nervous. yeah.

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I am going to have to check that book out....

Congrats on grad school, I just finished in May! Its a long, different, wonderful journey...totally NOT like undergrad...enjoy

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