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couple of movies + 1 book

the netflix rundown and what i'm reading.

manderlay- i loved it. it got some spotty reviews, but i put it on the queue cuz of the premise: a plantation in 1933 where the slaves had never been freed. a woman passing thru stumbles upon the place and undertakes the task of spreading liberty. quite provocative.

dogville-so manderlay is the second movie in lars von trier's meditative trilogy on america. so yeah, i watched them out of order...manderlay first. then i got dogville, and i watched half of it, and then the dvd stopped working. sigh. what i will say is about the lead character, grace - she was played by nicole kidman in dogville, but by bryce dallas howard in manderlay. kidman's grace was much more tentative about life; howard's was much more authoritative. unfortunately, i haven't been able to see the end to see if there is a reason in the plot for the difference.

do the right thing- this movie came out when? 1989? yeah, still soooooo ridiculously relevant. i recommend it to everyone, all those folks who politic about gentrification, all those folks who have no idea what it is, all those folks who want to see vintage spike lee, all those folks who wouldn't know spike lee if he wore a nametag. plus, the action takes place on the hottest day of the year, and it's been HOT round here lately.

and what i'm reading: on the road by jack kerouac. a classic, that i have read many many times. i confess, i really wanted to (re)read junot diaz's drown, but my copy of the book seems to be missing. and it's autographed...i hope it turns up.

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